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New Money Masters Kids Club Teaches Kids Important Financial Literacy Skills

Parents now have a fun, easy, and cost effective way to equip their kids to master money

Fort Lauderdale, Fl (August 18, 2015) – Kidz Count Inc. Founder Samantha Porter has a heart for helping youth have a solid financial education so that they are equipped for a lifetime of smart financial decisions. Through her Kidz Count financial education programs she has served over 1,000 students in the South Florida tri-county area, and now Porter is launching Money Masters Kids Club ( to help parents across the United States to equip their children with the critical financial literacy skills they need.

Studies have consistently shown that there is an unfortunate lack of strong personal finance skills among adults and youth. A 2014 study from the Financial Educators Council with over 8,400 participants revealed that 46% of participants ages 15 to 18 years old failed its National Financial Literacy Test with a score of 60% and below. “The events and the workshops we have done through Kidz Count since I started the non-profit in 2011 have been great and the students are learning important concepts, however having ongoing practical application of these concepts at home is going to be a game changer for families. I’m a business owner, wife, and mom of 3 with a full schedule so I know that it can be tough to try to come up with ideas and do the research needed to help teach your children topics in financial literacy or entrepreneurship. That’s why I’ve created Money Masters Kids Club. I want to make it easy, cost-effective, and most of all fun for both parents and kids.” says Porter.

Money Masters Kids Club is designed for elementary school children in grades 1-5 and provides engaging video lessons, printable interactive activity worksheets, and a reward system, all made available through the child’s own personalized online Learning Portal.  Lesson topics include money basics, banking, investing, personal development, and starting a business, and are delivered at a friendly bi-weekly pace over 12 months.

The new program will launch on August 27, 2015 and parents who sign up during the five day launch will receive bonus gifts that their children will love. “My goal is to help kids master money so that money never masters them, and I’m excited about the opportunity to serve more families in this way and positively impact generations.” says Porter.

Sign up today on the launch notification list at to take advantage of launch bonuses when the program opens on August 27. 2015.

About Kidz Count Inc

Kidz Count is a non-profit organization that promotes youth financial literacy. To date Kidz Count has impacted the lives of over 1,000 kids in South Florida’s tri-county area. Our goal is to educate youth, helping them create wealth, ultimately changing their lives.

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